Direct Taxation

Continuous development and increasing complexities in the economic environment leads legislators to bring rapid changes in tax laws. Further, compliance is no longer limited to an annual exercise of filing tax return, but has evolved into a full-time function focused on helping businesses effectively manage the growing need for providing information and documentation required under tax laws.

We advice our clients on various developments in taxation regimes occurring periodically and their effects on businesses. We provide our clients with effective processes to improve their day-to-day reporting thereby reducing attribution errors, reducing costs and ensuring their taxes are handled correctly

We can help with all aspects of taxation function, ranging from compliance to litigation. We can help interalia in:

  • Assistance in preparation and filing of income tax returns
  • Tax Audit and ICDS Compliances
  • Providing tax litigation assistance, including representation services
  • Undertaking other compliances viz. TDS & TCS return filing, advance tax compliances etc.

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