CFO Insights

Finance Advisor

The CFO support service as Virtual CFO is an emerging trend among organisations and financial professionals. It offers an immediate solution to the acute problems of entrepreneurs/ business entities at the initial stage of business towards financial planning, setting up of finance department and Management Information System (MIS). Further, during the upgrade/ changeover/ exit stage of running businesses, with the advice and execution support of Virtual CFO service providers, the business challenges are handled most effectively by availing their financial and professional advice.

The renumeration of CFO, a recognized management authority may turn costly for start-ups and SMEs. Virtual CFO is thus an affordable alternative for small businesses seeking guidance of an expert.

CFO Services

  • Budgeting and strategic planning
  • Risk management
  • Compliance (tax, legal and regulatory)
  • Cost Accounting and Cost Management
  • Capital structure and the cost of capital
  • Long term and short term investment decisions
  • Debtor & creditor management
  • Cash flow management and other treasury responsibilities
  • System implementation (legal, IT, HR and accounting)

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